how to configure Podcast Producer Server 2

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  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server
  • Mac desktop or server with Intel processor
  • 10GB of available disk space
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Quartz Extreme-enabled video chipset.
  • 512MB of RAM per core
  • Podcast Capture
  • Already configured and running the following services: DNS, Open Directory Master, E-mail.

Ok. Now go to your server physically or remote, login with an admnistrator account, go to Applications > Server > launch Server Admin app.


In Server Admin Select your server in the left list, go to Setting, under Settings go to Services, check the box for Podcast Producer, in the right down corner click save.


After clicking save, you should have in the left list of services with a gray bubble in front, the service Podcast Producer. Select it, and make sure that u are under the overview “tab”.


After you selected the service Podcast Producer, click on the “Configure Podcast Producer ” in the right-down corner.


Select “Express Setup” and click “Continue”.


Read the next step and click “Continue”.


Read the next step (confirm that the Fully Qualified Domain name is auto-completed correctly, if anything with .local appears in the “Library Path:” you should review the installation, even start from scratch with the installation of the whole server), and if everything is correct click on the “Continue” button.


Enter the username and password for the Open Directory. This is standard “diradmin”, and password is same with the one you supplied in the installation setup.


Now sit back and wait till the setup configures, all the services to work together (Apache, NFS, Xgrid, Podcast Producer, E-mail, etc).

After it finishes click “Done”.


You’re done!


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